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Kids4Sail are on NOFOREIGNLAND!

Kids4Sail are working together with NOFOREIGNLAND to support families living on their boats. All our services are free and include:

If this is your first visit, then take a few minutes to explore our site.

There's a lot you can do with NOFOREIGNLAND, read on to see how you should set up your account to work with Kids4Sail:

1. Add your boat to our map

You can follow the simple guidelines on our Getting started help page to sign in and register your boat.

Once you've registered you should see your boat in its current position on our interactive map.

You can regiester any number of users as crew on your boat. Each additional user should repeat the registration process and choose the Join an existing boat option.

2. Join the Kids4Sail boat group

By joining the Kids4Sail boat group, you can filter the map to show only other Kids4Sail boats on our map:

  1. tap on the icon on the menu bar to see your boat details;
  2. scroll down to the Boat groups section and cick on the Manage boat groups button;
  3. Look for the Kids4Sail group and tap on the Join this group button.

3. Configure tracking for your boat

Make sure other Kids4Sail boats can automatically see your boat position on the map.

There are lots of different ways to track your boat on our map. We recommend you track automatically using your AIS signal as it requires no effort other than turning on your AIS transmitter now and again.

If you used your MMSI number when you registered your boat, AIS tracking is probably already configured for you. To check, tap on the icon on the menu bar to see your boat details page and verify that the Auto-track with AIS option is 'ON'. If it isn't, and you have an AIS transmitter, tap the Edit boat details button, check your MMSI number is correct, and turn on Auto-tracking.

Read our Tracking your boat help page to find out more about how the tracking works, and discover all our tracking methods, including manual position updates and options when sailing offshore.

4. Subscribe to new posts in the Kids4Sail forum

Make sure you get notified of the latest posts in this forum which has been set up specifically for the Kids4Sail boats.

  1. From your user profile picture (top right on a computer screen, or last option under the burger menu on a phone) select the Forums menu item to visit the Forums home page.
  2. In the Boat Groups section, you should see the Kids4Sail forum listed.
  3. Click on the Kids4Sail forum, and subscribe to notification for new threads:
  4. You will now be notified in your activity feed, whenever a new thread is added to this forum.
  5. Open the "Welcome" thread and add a reply to say hello to the group!

5. Optionally: find us on Facebook

I'm sure it won't come as a huge surprise to hear that we are on Facebook. If you'd like to hear about new features as they're released, then like our Facebook page. You can also join our Facebook group to take part in the conversation about our site and perhaps suggest things you'd like to see added.

Getting help
  • Our help pages cover most of what you can do with NOFOREIGNLAND.
  • Alternatively, please ask a question in our Help and Discussion forum.
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