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Scauri Harbour, Pantelleria (Harbour/Quay)

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Coordinates: 036° 46.102' N , 011° 57.822' E
Country: Italy

Facilities for berth holders


Small harbour with a quay. Moor stern-to with an anchor out to hold you. Would recommend a tripping line as it’s a rocky bottom. There is a nice restaurant & a bar above the harbour. 

June 2019: We were told to leave by the port police because we are in a position where official boats tie up. We are side-on (as were boats yesterday) as there is no room to lay an anchor across the harbour and be secure in the very strong gusts we are experiencing. The position in front of us has two large local dive boats so no room there’ll either. Previous boats we met here were asked to move on as well. I would avoid this small port and go to the main harbour instead. 



Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Sacha Beere on 16 June 2019

Told to move on by the port police. There are no facilities. Avoid this harbour if you can. 

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Added by Nigel & Laurence on 12/06/2018 09:46:47.
Last updated by Sacha Beere on 16/06/2019 10:26:39.
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