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Velipoje Beach (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 041° 51.671' N , 019° 25.044' E
Country: Albania


Good holding in sand in about 7m. The town it seems is a very low-cost seaside holiday destination for many people from Kosovo and Serbia. There's hardly ever any yachts there so expect to be greeted by many people who will come out on paddleboats and want to take pictures on your boat / with you / ask to jump from your boat. Quite a fun cultural experience! One small negative is that we had people (kids and teenagers) board our yacht whilst we went ashore, despite asking some kids to keep guard of our yacht and creating some placards in Albanian writing saying 'Private Property: Do not enter'!. Most just wanted to jump off the yacht into the water, but we noticed later some fishing gear went missing (we are silly to leave it out!) and they had played with the gear lever and steering wheel. Maybe best not to leave boat unattended if possible. Not very protected from any storms or wind coming from Shengjin area - one storm created quite some fetch (waves) from the east during August however calmed down quickly once the storm passed. 

Offers protection from wind directions


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Added by SV Ribellu on 15/03/2019 11:13:04.
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