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Cape Maleas (Navigational information)

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Coordinates: 036° 25.542' N , 023° 11.528' E
Country: Greece


Also known as the "devil's cape". This reputation comes from the chaotic wind and sea conditions especially during the Meltemi. In northeast winds expect strong gusts due to the surrounding mountains. It is recommended to sail south of Kythira in strong wind conditions and avoid the cape.

Prepare the boat for double the wind speed you are experiencing 2 miles out and expect violent gusts as well between Ag Ilias point and Maleas point. Also add into the mix lots of commercial traffic. You need to have your boat well under control.


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by Ian Moulding on 14 October 2018

We approached from the west with no wind, closer in the forecast 15kts from the west arrived, within 5 minutes we were up to 30kts with too much sail up, land on one side, AIS alarm indicating a ship coming round the corner with a CPA of 40m and a busy shipping lane to starboard. Such fun!

October 2018, second rounding, second battering. This time we stayed 2 miles off shore but still experienced double wind speed (30kts) and gusts of 40. Should i ever come here again I will be coming down the Kythira side of the straits. This is the devils place!

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