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Ormos Kamari, Khios (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 038° 11.256' N , 026° 1.793' E
Country: Greece


Pretty bay on the SE side of Khios. 

Approach: The small entrance is dfficult to see from sea. Look for a conical shaped mountain with symmetric shoulders on either side and head just south of it. When closer, a black sandy beach is clearly visible just south of the entrance to the bay. Both of these features can be seen on the map. 

Mooring: The bay is just big enough for a couple of yachts to swing on anchor; more if lines are taken ashore (north side). Generally 3-4 meters depth throughout with some rocky areas close to shore. Good holding in sandy bottom, although we did see a section of old chain running across the centre of the bay so be wary of this. 

Reputedly good shelter from the meltemi. We were there during a reasonable blow and it was very well sheltered. 

Offers protection from wind directions


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by Steve Neal on 07 July 2017

Just stopped for the night and didn't venture ashore. Good holding and well sheltered. 

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