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Navpaktos (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 038° 23.436' N , 021° 49.951' E
Country: Greece


Navpaktos is a medieval harbour built around the 11th century; is well preserved and is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Climb up the hill to the old town for an incredible view over the Gulf of Patras and Gulf of Korinthos. 
Anchor: just south of the harbour entrance in 30 ft. over sand. the anchorage is only protected from the north so any westerly's will roll in this far.
Moor: the harbour can only handle about 8 boats (less than 12m LOA) stern or bows to; no lazy lines here, use your anchor. 
Ashore: a good place to provision from (on the main road). 

Protection from wind directions



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by Ralf Gerking on 30 December 2018

The walls of the medieval 🏰 fortress still can be seen and (in parts) walked. Wonderful view from above over the old circle shaped small harbor (though there might be a possibility for boats less than 12 m to mour in it, we wouldn’t recommend so. Very tight and filled up with small local fishing boats.)

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by Ian Moulding on 15 June 2019

We arrived in 30kts of wind, you cannot see inside the harbour from the entrance and decided as it looked tiny on the chart it was too risky going in and having to turnaround if it was full so we anchored. Good holding. The town is a friendly pretty place.
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