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Sandy Island, Carriacou (Tourist attraction)

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Coordinates: 012° 29.074' N , 061° 28.930' W
Country: Grenada

The Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area (SIOBMPA) encompasses the Sandy Island and the mangrove lagoon in Carriacou. 
Email: SIOBMPA at 

Warning: watch out for the reef at the southwest corner. 
Moor: mooring balls are checked regularly. Park rangers collect a $25 EC per day fee for mooring balls. 
Anchor: the anchoring area is marked at the four corners with buoys. Anchor in 4 m, sand, good holding. 
Ashore: great snorkelling. 
No waste facilities here, please take your rubbish away with you.


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by Bianca Kindler on 21 April 2019

Beautiful little island to enjoy the beach, swim and snorkel. Be sure to stay on the beach late enough to see the hermit crabs come out when the sun sets.

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