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Argostoli (Harbour/Quay)

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Coordinates: 038° 10.684' N , 020° 29.411' E
Country: Greece

Facilities for berth holders


Port of entry; 40 hrs from Syracuse or overnight from Crotoni. 
Water available from a long hose located in front of the Compass cafe, we have filled up twice, water is fine to drink despite what the pilot guide says.
Fuel available by tanker but you have to go onto the quay behind port police, they aren't allowed to fuel on the main quay. 
New in 2018 is a strong smell of sewage and that horrible grey slimy mud on your anchor towards the compass cafe end of the quay. The south end of the quay doesn't have this.
Fresh fruit and veg, fish and meat at the south end of the quay. 
Don't miss: 
  • See the turtles;
  • try Robolo white wine.



Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Ian Moulding on 15 May 2018

Easy place to go through the country entry formalities, good shelter and friendly folk. 

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by Sarah/Nick/Cadence/Talya Richachardson on 17 March 2019

Useful port for checking in and out to Italy, and it's quite beautiful with a nice small town vibe. In the summer it's pretty busy and not always easy to find space on the quay. It gets shallow quickly once you're past the Coast Guard pier so be vigilant. I found the drinking water somewhat salty and pretty awful; we pumped it out once we found better water on Ithaca but it worked until then. The only laundry we could find was terribly overpriced. There were private agents working for large yachts that made a mess of peoples anchors by trying to juggle boats around to fit in the behemoths. We found out later they do not work for the harbour and you don't have to do what they say.

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