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Mar Menor Lifting Bridge (Navigational information)

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Coordinates: 037° 44.798' N , 000° 44.010' W
Country: Spain


During the summer season (15th June - 31st August) the bridge opens at 08:00hrs and subsequently every two hours  until 22:00hrs. Off season the bridge opens on even hours from 10:00hrs till 20:00hrs. 

Closed height is around 7m. 

Caution is advised in the approaches when entering Mar Menor as depths vary. Stick to the marked channel which should provide a minimum of 4m depth, although this seems optimistic in some places.


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by Steve Brown on 01 June 2019

A review is silly for an opening bridge, but there you go.  Some information from May 30, 2019 - the channel has a sharp turn to the south on the seaward side of the bridge.  We measured 8 feet of water near the bend, about two hours after high tide.  The rest of the channel is 12 feet and deeper.  The bridge is very slow to operate - it takes a full three minutes from starting opening to full open.  When the bridge begins opening, don't rush up to pass through or you will be trying to hold station in a very narrow channel waiting to be able to pass.

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Added by Steve Neal on 27/07/2018 01:10:13.
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