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Playa Francesca, Isla Grathiosa (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 029° 13.225' N , 013° 31.729' W
Country: Spain


Good first stop after crossing from Gibraltar to the Canaries. The anchorage is part of the Chinijo Nature Park. The maximum stay is 10 day and you need to ask for permission to anchor at least 7 days and no more than 30 days before you plan to arrive. Complete the SOLICITUD DE FONDEO CHINIJO form and send it to the Environmental Department of the local government:

Anchor: good holding in sand, good shelter from the prevailing winds, no facilities there. 

Ashore: the place is uninhabited but you can leave dingy on the beach and take a 40 minute walk into the small town where you will find a small supermarket, plus a restaurant and tavernas. 

Warning: avoid the rocks across the centre of the bay.

Offers protection from wind directions


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by Jaz Robbins on 09 November 2018

Beautiful anchorage, sand beach with odd rock (check where you drop the anchor) avoid reef on  north-east side. Volcano well worth a hike to the top and town is a 2km walk or 5 min dinghy ride (can tie up in town easily), well worth a visit, sandy streets and great restaurant on the little beach in town. We stopped for one night after passage from Gibraltar and stayed a week we liked it so much! There’s not many good anchorages in the Canaries and winds generally northerly so not easy to get back here so don’t rush away! PS didn’t know to apply for permission and we were never asked for anything by anyone.

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