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Limeni Cove (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 036° 40.838' N , 022° 22.593' E
Country: Greece


Very scenic small tourist town with lots of taverna's and hotels all recently renovated.

The bay is deep right up to the shoreline, and you will need to anchor in 12-15 meters depths. Because of the depth, there is only room for two or three yachts to swing here at anchor. Alternatively, anchor further out on the eastern shore and take a long line to the rocks.

There is a lightweight plastic jetty at the south end of the bay which is used by holiday makers for swimming from; SUP boards and windsurfers are available here to rent. The owners are happy for this to be used to moor a tender but it's not suitable for mooring even the smallest yacht.

The nearest supermarkets are a 10 minute drive along the coast.

Protection from wind directions



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by Steve Neal on 03 August 2017

When we were there during settled weather in August, the wind tended to pick up in the afternoon bringing a little swell into the bay, but this dropped at night and it was a very comfortable anchorage. The view of the tpwn from the boat was great, and there were many (relatively expensive for Greece) tavernas to choose from.

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