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Diros caves (aka: Vlihada) (Tourist attraction)

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Coordinates: 036° 38.287' N , 022° 22.839' E
Country: Greece


The beautiful cave complex consists of 3 caves but only 2 are open to visitors. 

The tour includes being rowed in the lake through cave tunnels (not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia). Approximately 30 minute guided trip through the caves costs €13 per person in August 2017. There is a walking option but as so much of it is in water, this is not such a good choice. 

Open 09:30 to 19:00, but for a reason we couldn't quite understand you need to buy tickets for the boat tours before 15:00. 


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by Steve Neal on 02 August 2017

I refuse to let the huge orange life jackets they made me wear, or the personal hygiene of the guy rowing the gondola distract me from this wonderful natural spectacle. Well worth a visit. 

Top tip: Try to get a seat at the front of a gondola for a better view and to distance yourself from the guy rowing at the back.

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by Chantal Tessier on 29 April 2019

Well worth a visit, it's beautiful and the tour lasts long enough.

13€ per adult / 8€ per child

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