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Springlands (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 005° 53.127' N , 057° 8.165' W
Country: Guyana


Springlands is a pleasant, lively town.

Anchor: follow the red buoys marking the channel up the River Courantyne (at least 2.2m +tide). Anchor in 5 m of mud/clay, between the customs jetty and the Mosque. Do not anchor closer to shore as there are semi-submerged piles and broken jetties. Good holding.  

Some swell and in strong E/NE winds which can make the anchorage untenable, particularly on the ebb. 

Land by dinghy in one of the water taxi jetties. You will be approached by the local boat boys offering to look after your dinghy, help with formalities, shopping, etc. It is worthwhile to reach an agreement for the dinghy, and for help in town if formalities. 

Ashore: supermarkets, restaurants, bars, several banks, and money may be obtained over the counter using your credit card, a passport and one additional form of picture ID, (driving, ICC license). Only a few ATMs (e.g. Scotia Bank) work with foreign cards. You probably will be approached by black market money exchangers offering better rates than banks for cash! 

Offers protection from wind directions


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