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Luka Zelekina (Port of entry office)

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Coordinates: 042° 27.030' N , 018° 34.337' E
Country: Montenegro


Tie up at the customs dock towards the NE corner. Port Police is right near the gate. They will check your passports and direct you to the "old building" along the foreshore to the NW. Here the HM will take care of your vignette. You can get 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc. Then back to the PP with your documents for the stamps. You can get a phone SIM card in a kiosk ashore and there are a couple of supermarkets. This is a good place to check in as not busy.

Fuel is not available here. Fuel at Herceg Novi.


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by Lynda Shelley on 02 July 2019

Easy and efficient check in process

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