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El Djem Amphitheatre (Historical site)

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Coordinates: 035° 17.780' N , 010° 42.413' E
Country: Tunisia


Roman amphitheatre is an incredibly well preserved and Tunisia's bigest sightseeing. You can still walk the corridors under the arena, just like the gladiators did, and climb up to the top seating tiers.


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by Nichola Wright on 25 May 2019

It's amazingly well intact given that it was raided for building materials over the centuries. 

You are free to wander up high or down into the underground pit. There are a couple of information boards with an entry in Arabic, French and English but it may be useful to have read up about it first.

There were very few people there when we visited, amazing when you consider the crowds at the colosseum in Rome (seating 50,000 people compared to 35,000 at El Djem) which is the only surviving colosseum that is bigger than El Djem. It was fantastic to have the freedom to wander where we liked and to imagine a poor convicts last view before being fed to the lions.....

Entry fee in May 2019 was 12TD per person. Entry also includes the mosaic museum, approx 20 minutes walk away and is also well worth a visit.

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