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Blue Lagoon (N) (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 036° .865' N , 014° 19.377' E
Country: Malta

The Blue Lagoon, also known as Bejn il-Kmiemen, is Malta's greatest attraction. The crystal blue waters attracts hundreds of boats every day.
Anchor: good anchorage with soft bottom, good holding.
Don't miss: to the northwest of Cominotto there is an underwater reef which is good diving site; big rocks with interesting holes and caverns, where creatures like digging anemones and peacock worms hide. There is also an abundance of tubeworms, soft corals and red sponges, which add colour to these shady areas. The average depth is 18 meters and the maximum depth is 36 meters. 
Best to arrive after 5 pm and leave before 10 am as there is constant wash from tourist boats and small ferries.
In the summer there is a swim zone right across from Comino to Cominetto but when swim zone markers and lines are removed a shall draft vessel can pass right across and enter of exit from the west side.
Tourist boats anchor with lines ashore along the north side and anchoring there is not permitted.

Offers protection from wind directions


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