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Katakolon (Harbour/Quay)

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Coordinates: 037° 38.904' N , 021° 19.095' E
Country: Greece

Facilities for berth holders


Good start to go to Olympia. Train every day at 8.40 am., except Sunday.  More trains if there is a cruise boat. 

Or take the bus. Small supermarket, bakery to the right of the car park as you are looking from the sea.

Moor: We checked out the harbour and there were only 4 other boats stern to with their anchors down as there is no laid moorings. Word of caution, while we were anchored a strong easterly came in, the crews on the boats that were stern to in the harbour could not get off/on to the boat because of the swell.

Port police confirmed that the people from the boatyard/marina in the office (blue building on the north quay) are authorised to collect money for water/electricity.

Caution: We were advised that there is a heavy chain laid parallel to the dock about 30m out. Be careful about where you place your anchor and when lifting it.

Ashore: a small supermarket, many tourist shops, and restaurants on the waterfront. To get a Greek SIM card you will have to go to the next town of Pyrgos, where you will find anything you need. The boatyard seems to be functional but we never saw anyone working and the marina office was always closed in the few days we went by. This is also a cruise ship terminal. 

Don't miss: the ancient city of Olympia is a must-see site. You can visit Olympia buy bus, taxi or a short trip on a train that only costs 5.00 Euro/person. 

Car hire from Avis €40 for the day, plenty of time for a trip to Olympia and stock-up at Lidl (closed Sunday)



Price band (high season) No charge
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Lynda Shelley on 19 July 2019

Tightly packed so we were lucky to get a catamaran spot. Faces onto a car park so less foot traffic than usual for town quay but car headlights in the night. Not too noisy. Rented a car for Euro 40 from a place opposite the cruis ship terminal, got to Olympia at 8am before the seething masses of cruise ship punters. Well worth the visit.

No one approached us for payment until afternoon of second day. Grumpy man on a motorbike from the marina office came by asking "captain" to go to the marina office in half an hour (small blue building, north quay). Would not say what for, no need for boat papers, would not tell us the price until we got to the office. Euro10 oer night, including water and electricity. Got receipt but not date on it. Confirmed with port authority this guy is authorised to collect payment. 

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by Michael storey on 25 May 2019

Tied on stern to.  No charge and free water. 

The boat yard is functioning and run by Giannis Kalofonnis. Tel:Mobil:+30 694 442 8526.  Email:  We spoke to people having work done here, they seemed pleased with the quality of work and the affordable prices.  You can work on your own boat.  There were even live aboards here - but on the hard!  It seemed a bit rough and ready.

Train, bus and car hire to ancient Olympia.   Bus service Http://

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by Chantal Tessier on 23 April 2019

April 2019

Good town harbour with water and electricity, allegedly free. 

It is very convenient to go to Olympia. There is a train that cost 10€ pp., right in front of the quay. It does not run frenquently though. There are a few car rentals, cheapest is said to be 40€ but I couldn't find anything below 50€. We were approched by a taxi driver, which for 60€ took us to Olympia and gave us all the time we needed to visit the museum and the whole site, than took us to the Olympia theatre and a another place where we had a stunning view of the coast. Think it was worth it, considering that you have to add the gas and insurance costs to a car rental. I don't have his contact info (other than his name is John) but he parks at the corner of the main street and the large parking with the trains, in front of the quay.

The town is lively when there are cruise ships but almost every single shops and restaurants will close otherwise. Same goes for the Ancient Greek Technology museum.

Prices in the restaurants are unbelievably high. 

It's very uncomfortable when there are strong SE winds. Otherwise it seems to be well sheltered. Haven't found the cruise ships coming in or out to be a problem.

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