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Ormos Vathy (Harbour/Quay)

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Coordinates: 036° 58.442' N , 027° 1.922' E
Country: Greece

Facilities for berth holders


One of the most beautiful and recommended places in the Dodecanese. The entrance to this very narrow, fjord-like bay not easy to spot. It is always an experience to enter the bay between a few hundred meters high rock face. In the back part of the bay, there is a swimming area and a pier on the south side. 
This bay, apart from the gusts, is very quiet with good protection from the sea, it is used as a winter harbour. However, in strong east winds expect swell (this can happen suddenly) if the harbour is packed this can lead to a merging of the masts. In the case of Meltemi expect heavy rain. 
Moor: further into the bay there is space for mooring stern (good holding ground). If mooring at the pier, be aware the depth decreases rapidly. 
Anchor: you will have to take the lines ashore because the space is very limited. 
Ashore: facilities in the village. There are several good tavernas in the village. Worth a visit to the small village and the wide open valley (orange trees). Can buy the honey produced in this area and sponges in the village, as they are the island specialty.
Don't miss: in the middle of the bay, on the north side, there is a respectable cave which has been used as an accommodation in the past. However, the entrance is about 30 meters height over a very narrow path. In the journey with the dinghy one noticed that one had to drive on the way back against the current.



Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
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by Derrick Pinder on 09 September 2017

Free to berthing, pay only for water and electricity. 

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