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Syracuse anchorage (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 037° 3.567' N , 015° 16.744' E
Country: Italy


Excellent holding in mud. Some swell can work it’s way in when a strong easterly blows, otherwise shelter is very good. 

There have been reports of boats being fined for not checking in with the port authority on arrival. We called on VHF and they requested our ships details so there may be some truth in this. I suggest you do the same to avoid any uncertainty. 

Protection from wind directions



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by Ian Moulding on 26 May 2019

Syracuse is lovely, great free town quay. Unfortunately the local officialdom seem reluctant to let people use it, keeping space for boats "coming later" but you can't book ahead, work that one out!

May 2018 we were told to anchor anywhere which is contrary to others experience.

May 2019, same story "The quay is full" I can see 6 boats on a quay that is 500m long, unbelievable! Spent 2 very rolly nights at anchor.

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by Steve Neal on 25 June 2018

Worth checking in with the port authority on VHF, as there are a lot of stories of officialdom problems. 

Once settled, you'll struggle to find a nicer anchorage in Sicily. Shelter is generally decent, holding is excellent, and the nearby Ortiga (old town) is a wonderful place to spend time.

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