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Porto Kagio (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 036° 25.973' N , 022° 29.114' E
Country: Greece

  • in front of the village in 3 - 10 m of sand and gravel-covered rock. 
  • in the north of the bay, between a monastery and the exit in 3 - 8 m also gravel and rock, but holds a little better. 
The large bay is surrounded all around by high mountains, which are responsible for occasionally violent gusts, especially in westerlies. To the west of the bay there is a tower, which can be used as a landmark. 
Ashore: in the south there is a small village. There are limited facilities in the village, two mini-markets, bread, fresh produce (fruits and vegetables). There are several tavernas. Water and fuel are not available.

Offers protection from wind directions


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by Ian Moulding on 22 June 2018

Well protected but can be a little crowded as boats hug the shallow waters for anchoring. Hard sand on rhe bottom but anchor set ok. 

Very sleepy place, a couple of tavernas, didn't see any signs of mini markets.

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by Ralf Gerking on 12 November 2018

Even if this is your only stop on the Mani peninsula, there are some good examples for the typical tower like buildings of this area. Even the new build hotel behind the tavernas at the beach refers to this classical architecture of the region.

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