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Sami (Water)

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Coordinates: 038° 15.175' N , 020° 38.868' E
Country: Greece


Moor: expect to pay harbour fees.  May 2018 €10.50 for 13m.
Water on the town quay under the yellow grids, fuel by tanker  (€1.39 per L may 2018), depths of 4m inside harbour. The harbour master doesn't like/ let boats alongside on the north quay, presumably keeping the space for large motor boats. Supermarkets and bins close by.
Warning: this spot is not very good for anchoring even though the holding is great but the ferries come in at full tilt and when the wind turned from the north it got really bad so we left in a hurry. There is a better anchorage to the SW in front of the beach.
Don't miss: 
  • Visit anti-sami, the setting for Captain Corelli's mandolin.
  • Melissani lake caves.
  • Hike above the town towards the ruins, it's beautiful 


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by Ian Moulding on 15 May 2018

Lovely, sleepy  (in may) town. Visit Stavros at Faros restaurant to hear what is wrong with the world!

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