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Tyrrel Bay (Hurricane hole)

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Coordinates: 012° 27.856' N , 061° 29.260' W
Country: Grenada


Two options at this location: 

  • Anchor in the mangroves in the mangrove backwater area. Although is forbidden to anchor there in fair weather it is open to during storms. It is extremely well protected and will get very crowded in bad weather. 
  • Haul out at the boatyard.

History: the only damage sustained by the boatyard in 2004 (hurricane Ivan) was to dock piers by a steel freighter which dragged there. The boats hauled out in the boatyard and the ones that were secured in the mangroves (50-60 yachts and some 30 ships in the mangroves' first bay plus another three dozen farther in) were not damaged. The shallower-draft boats who could get into the far reaches of the mangroves fared very well. A number of freighters dragged in the first bay. A ship was reportedly aground on the northeast corner of Carriacou. 

Note about hurricane holes:

The information provided here is based on experience and input from members of our community. The general consensus is that hurricane holes are not suitable for direct strikes or category 4 or 5 storms. Your best hurricane plan is to be out of its path. If you must weather a hurricane or storm YOU must talk to your vessel insurance company to confirm if YOUR vessel insurance covers YOUR hurricane plan at this location.

NOFOREIGNLAND does not accept any responsibility or liability for any error, omissions, or consequences ensuing from the use of, or reliance upon, the information presented here.


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