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La Maddalena National Park (Nature reserve)

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Coordinates: 041° 15.585' N , 009° 22.919' E
Country: Italy


La Maddalena Nature Reserve requires a permit to enter and anchor. Park rangers regularly check for permits. If moorings are not laid in Posidonia areas you can anchor clear of the sea grass. 
There are some superb anchorages, which may be busy by day, but often quiet at night. La Gavetta harbour on the largest island (Maddalena) is worth a night or two.

Situation and Rules August 2018 (please update at beginning of season)
Zone MB (rule): anchoring allowed daytime, night only on buoys, need holding tank. (reality): boats anchor for the night everywhere in MB, rangers check your permit but are ok if you are not on a buoy.
Zone MA (rule): no entry whatsoever. (reality) Many boats drive trough MA at high speeds and anchor where ever they want even if the park rangers are present. In some spots the park has even set up mooring buoys inside zone MA.
My personal conclusion: this is Italy, feel free to stretch the rules a bit but do it respectfully, don't anchor in MA even if many others do so, use your holding thank and please don't feed the fish with bread (they're already fat:-)

Permit and Pricing August 2018 for 36ft, 10.8m
Day 18€ Week 57€ includes the use of mooring buoys
Get your permit online PayPal or creditcard
Sailboats get a reduction of 40% make sure you check that box!


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Online Permit Aquisition

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