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Chaguaramas Immigration and Customs (Port of entry office)

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Coordinates: 010° 40.711' N , 061° 37.894' W
Country: Trinidad and Tobago


On arrival, the skipper and all crew MUST report to Immigration within 24 hrs of arrival (even if this is after hours and a fine will apply). Immigration give you 24 hours to depart Trinidad Waters 
Tel: +1 868 634 4341 
Opening hours: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00, Mon-Fri 
All crew passports must be valid for 6 months beyond their intended stay (3 months for citizens of USA, EU and the British Commonwealth). You will be given a 3-months stay or 6-months if you request the longer stay. If you ask for the longer stay there is a 400 TT$ fee plus a 100TT$ processing fee. These fees are for the visa. If there is any chance you might need to stay beyond 3 months, ask for the extension on entry, it is a whole lot easier than extending later. 
Visa and visa waiver fee is $TT400/person. Not all nationalities require a visa to enter.
You must report to Customs immediately you arrive, even if Immigration is closed. The Customs office is located just to your right as you descend the stairs from Immigration. On checking-out, Customs give you 4 hours to depart. Plan your departure within office hours to avoid paying the overtime fee. 
Documents required:
  • General Declaration Arrival Form 10 
  • Crew List Form 11 
  • Zarpe or departure clearance from the previous port of call 
  • Certificate of Registration of vessel 
  • If the owner of the vessel is not aboard, an authorisation letter from the owner for use of the vessel. 
The forms can be downloaded from the link below. However, links from the page were broken at the time this report was written, 08SEP2018. Please try again and amend this entry if the webpage has been updated. 
Must declare: 
  • Flare guns are considered firearms and you will be asked to turn in to them at Customs. On leaving, you need to give them 48 hours notice to retrieve the firearm/flare gun as it may not be stored at the office in Chaguaramas. 
  • Fruit & Vegetables -fruits, plants, and plant material must be inspected by a plant quarantine officer before being landed. Honey from other islands may not be allowed. 
  • Any alcohol on board should also be declared.
  • Pets - check Trinidad cruisers link below
The skipper must notify the authorities of the vessel's intended itinerary to cruise around the islands and permission must be obtained before sailing. Yachts are required to check in/out when traveling between the two islands. Vessels moving from Trinidad to Tobago and vice-versa MUST have the General Declaration Arrival Form 10 endorsed by Customs. Present this form to Customs on arrival on the other island port of entry. 
With permission from the Customs officer in Trinidad, you can anchor elsewhere in Tobago, e.g. Store Bay, and go overland to Scarborough to complete the necessary formalities. Yachts must clear out by visiting Customs, Immigration and the Port Authority. 
Customs will collect $TT50 for the first 30 days of navigation dues. The balance of these dues will be collected when the boat clears out. Harbour fees are TT$50 for every 30 days in Trinidad up to a maximum TT$500 in any one year. Go to the link below for up-to-date opening hours, fees, importing boat parts, etc.  


External link

Trinidad Cruisers customs and Immigration webpage

Immigration forms web page

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