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Sarakiniko Beach, Milos (Tourist attraction)

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Coordinates: 036° 44.612' N , 024° 27.520' E
Country: Greece


One of the most photographed landscapes / beaches in the Aegean.

Waves driven by north winds shape the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shapes, and the area is often compared to a moonscape. The local people often refer to the scenic landscape of Sarakiniko as Lunar. The bone-white beach derives its unusual characteristics from the erosion of the volcanic rock by wind and wave.


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by Chantal Tessier on 22 July 2019

Absolutely stunning! This is definitely a must-see when you visit Milos. Actually, even if it was just for this place and Kleftiko, you should put Milos on your itinerary.

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by Steve Neal on 28 July 2017

Incredibly beautiful beach, surrounded by white lava cliffs. 

A little crowded when we were there but it was high season (end of July).

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