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Tangier (Marina)

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Coordinates: 035° 46.915' N , 005° 48.127' W
Country: Morocco

Facilities for berth holders


Money is being poured into a smart new port area and there’s a general vamping up of the centre to make way for high-fashion boutiques, bookshops and galleries. These days it’s being hailed the Saint Tropez of North Africa. Newly tidy boulevards encase a gleaming whitewashed medina crowned by the streets of the kasbah at the top. 


1,400 berths

Tel: +212 539 37 24 24         VHF Canal 11

Email :

Port Authority 

Phone: +212 (0) 5 39 372 424 Fax : +212 (0) 5 39 931 882

Email :              Web site : 

Don't miss: the TanJazz festival in September and the Literary Arts Festival in May. 



Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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Tanja Marina Bay

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by Steve Brown on 05 May 2019

May 5, 2019 - We just spent two weeks in the new Tanja Bay marina in Tangiers. We left yesterday and arrived in La Linea (Gibraltar) after a very nice downwind sail.

 As of yesterday, there are two bathroom facilities in separate buildings, and each has two normal showers for men and two normal showers for women. In addition, each has a male and a female restroom for the handicapped, including a toilet and a shower. If you do the math, there are a total of four normal and two handicapped showers for men, and four normal and two handicapped showers for women. All are located very close to berths where visiting boats were berthed.

As far as cost, our 15 meter boat was $28 usd per day, including VAT, water, and electricity. Wifi was very good.

The marina staff was excellent. Every single person we interacted with was friendly and helpful. Most spoke English. Security was very good. The pontoons are accessible via a key card, but it is easy to reach around with your hand and just press the exit button to open the gate. To counteract this, there are marina people at the gates around the clock to watch for people who do not have key cards. We found them at their post every time we walked the docks at night.

Laundry facilities were incomplete. Amine, the harbormaster, told me that the machines were on site and should be installed soon. However, as of May 4 they were not.

There are a few berths with finger pontoons, but most have lines laid to allow stern or bow-to mooring. We were told that funding has ben approved to install the finger pontoons, and this will be a big improvement.

The entire complex is very new. Unlike many places where the marina is completed and then shops and restaurants may or may not appear, in Tanja Bay it was all completed at once. There are several restaurants and coffee shops. One restaurant serves alcohol, and there was a night club which I believe served alcohol.

Customs and Immigration was not the speediest I have ever encountered, but it wasn't the slowest, either. I will say this, the customs officer was the friendliest I have ever met, even catching me off guard when he started cracking jokes. Definitely not used to those guys having a sense on humor. Also, there was absolutely no hint of asking for bribes or baksheesh. Checking in was perhaps an hour and a half, and checkout was an hour. Everything is completed at the welcome pontoon and included a brief and friendly boat visit from the police.

While we were there there were about 8-10 cruising yachts in berths. There were a lot of available berths, perhaps 100 open spaces for yachts >10 meters.

We really enjoyed our visit to Morocco, and I would recommend Tanja Bay for anyone wishing to visit Tangiers. For comparison, we have also visited Smir and Saidia and I would put Tanja Bay first with Smir second, and Saidia a far distant third.

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by Flora Gemmell on 13 November 2018

In November 2018 we are enjoying our stay. Very friendly and helpful staff. If you can speak some French it helps but in the marina most will speak English too.

The marina is not finished. They are still dredging and adding fingers to the pontoons but they are managing to find room for the yachts that arrive. Teething troubles include the layer of seagull mess being hosed off the pontoons each day! There is no laundry nor any knowledge of one in town. No recycling. Wifi is not very strong. But the cafes are lovely and the Médina is close to explore.

We are paying 15 euro per day including everything - we are a 13m catamaran.

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Added by Helena Neal on 15/05/2018 03:40:21.
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