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El Rompido (Marina)

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Coordinates: 037° 12.917' N , 007° 7.780' W
Country: Spain

Facilities for berth holders


Very beautiful and peaceful with wonderful views of the dunes and wildlife of the sandy peninsula protecting the river

Warning: the river estuary is relatively shallow and not to be attempted at low water or with any onshore winds. The difference between high and low tide, on this coast, ranges from 3.7 meters at spring tides, and just 2 meters from the neap tides. With easterly winds in the Straits of Gibraltar tide levels can rise up to 20 cm above the forecast, strong wind and N-west have the opposite effect. The draft of the mouth is reduced to 1 meter of water at low tide and at high tide drafts vary from 3 to 4.7 meters deep. Entry to the Rio Piedras should only be attempted on a rising tide, preferably close to high water, when the depths at the mouth range from 3.0 to 4.7 metres, depending on the tides. A red and white fairway buoy marks the entrance. 

Entry should not be attempted in strong onshore winds. The river channel over the bar is constantly shifting, and the buoyage is changed yearly to reflect the variations. Follow the buoyed channel closely, then continue west up to the last marina of El Rompido below the two lighthouses, 4.5 miles upstream from the entrance and connected to the north bank of the river by a long jetty.

Moor: upon arrival, moor the boat at the reception berth (Hammerhead - pontoon 4) or at the berth previously assigned by the marina; Go to the marina to check in (09.00 - 21.00).

331 berths for yachts up to 30 metres and with a maximum draft of 3.5 metres.

telephone +34 959 399614/+34 607 456 480;   VHF channel 71 

Anchor: anywhere in the river away of the numerous moorings and swimming buoys. Be aware of the several small passenger ferries taking tourists over to the sand peninsula, Flecha.

Ashore: electricity and water on the pontoons. Toilets and showers on land with laundry. WiFi. Fuel station just east of marina. Good security (24 hour). Fuel station east of the marina. Supermarket behind restaurants, near the lighthouse and hotel and small shops in town.



Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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Puerto de El Rompido

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by David Bains on 24 March 2019

Used as a winter base for for my multi for several years. Safe and secure. Inside pontoon is shallow, mono prices for cats!!

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Added by Helena Neal on 18/06/2018 01:21:46.
Last updated by Helena Neal on 18/06/2018 01:21:46.
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