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Fuel pontoon (Fuel)

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Coordinates: 039° 47.726' N , 018° 21.562' E
Country: Italy


Early June 2018 diesel E1.69/l.  When we arrived (before 08:00) all closed but a marinero arrived within a few minutes - CCTV saw us moor up.

Minimum depth of 2.8m but beware of ballast off the breakwater.



Diesel price 1.762 (updated: 10 June 2019)
Gasoline price UNKNOWN

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by Ian Moulding on 10 June 2019

Very expensive fuel but free water to fill your tanks .

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Added by Ann Zee on 11/06/2018 04:44:48.
Last updated by Ian Moulding on 10/06/2019 04:53:16.
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