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Olbia Old Commercial Quay (Harbour/Quay)

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Coordinates: 040° 55.338' N , 009° 30.440' E
Country: Italy

Facilities for berth holders


Molo Brin - the old commercial quay in Olbia is free to moor alongside but you do have to fill in a form from the Coast Guard which requires a 15 euro stamp from the tobacconist (2018) .  The Coast Guard will advise you that you can stay for only two nights, but many people ignore this and get away with it.  Others will simple leave and anchored out 100 meters away and then come back and reapply to stay on the wall.

There are bollards and occasional rings in the wall but they are spaced quite far apart so long lines are useful. There is a small shelf jutting out just below the water which is more pronounced towards the west corner.

The quay is high with the only steps being down the far end. We had to take a big step up from the deck.

Across the road from the quay are cafes and restaurants and there is a large Pan supermarket 5 minutes walk away along the coast road.

No water or power available. Small rubbish bins in the adjacent car park. 

Tourist information across the road from the quay and an archaeological museum (free entry) nearby.

It is a public area so people are walking up and down all times of the day and night.



Price band (high season) No charge
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Ian Moulding on 03 March 2019

on the plus side it is sort of free and very central, downside is the town's youths like to tear along the quay on mopeds all night. A good spot for crew changeover. Beware of small signs on bollards reserving space for big motor yachts.

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by Jack Andrys on 24 October 2018

We were alongside the Quay relatively early in the season and had no problem with finding a spot, the Coast Guard came around with a form that needed to be completed and returned to them after it had a 15 euro stamp attached to it.

Note that there was the occasional person asking for money (begging), and that during summer school holidays the wall is busy with teenagers.   

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Added by Nichola Wright on 08/06/2018 02:21:24.
Last updated by Jack Andrys on 24/10/2018 09:12:58.
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