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Keri (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 037° 41.003' N , 020° 50.400' E
Country: Greece


Lagana Bay is a big bay located on the south of the island. Most of the bay is a restricted area as it is a loggerhead turtle breading ground. On the way into the bay we encountered two mating turtles; you cannot miss these turtles as they are huge.
Anchor: holding very good in 18 ft. over sand at the SW corner near a small fishing harbour. 
(Edit) We found holding good but you need to set your anchor well and check it, bottom looks to be a mix of hard sand, weed and rock slabs. Depths of 6 to 7 metres. Some boats have gone stern to the outside of the harbour wall.
Ashore: there is nothing except a few villas but the bay is spectacular. Edit, there are a couple of tavernas, small supermarket and car hire.

Protection from wind directions



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by Ian Moulding on 31 May 2018

Lovely, sleepy place. A thin strip of beach with trees for shade, crystal clear sea with sandy bottom, no thumping music!

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by Lynda Shelley on 17 July 2019

Anchored by the shore to the east of the marina. Arrived just before a big thunderstorm. Good holding in mud 8-10m but need to find a patch. After the storm passed and there was no wind we were subject to swell from east and south so terrible night sleep. One other yacht moved in the night to anchor by Turtle Island, and another left early hours as we did.

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