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From your boat details page, click on the Share button, and a link will be copied.

Paste the link in emails or instant messages to your friends and family.

When the link is clicked on, the visitor will be taken to our map and your boat will automatically be shown. There's no need for them to search for it.

Adding a boat tracking link to your web site

A simple and reliable method of letting visitors to your web site know where you are is to embed a link in your web pages by adding this HTML code:

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<a href="" target="noforeignland">
    <img src="" width="350">

The above code should generate the following tracking image in your site, which when clicked on takes the visitor to your boat's current position on our map.

Preview: click to test, it should open a new window showing your boat in noforeignland

Embedding a boat tracking map in your web site

In the above section, we looked at how to embed a static image with a link to your boat's position. In this scenario, the visitor to your site must click on the image to see where your boat is on our map. A more sophisticated solution is to actually embed the map directly in your site, so that your visitors see immediately where you are.

Please note that this is and advanced feature and it requires that you have some web programming skills. If you'd like to give it a try, then use the following form controls to generate the code you need.

Change the default settings until you are happy with the map preview:



When you're happy with the preview, copy this HTML into your page where you want the map to appear:

                CODE HERE
Limitations with some blog sites

Be aware that some blogging software does not allow embedding of third party content (for example managed Wordpress sites do not permit it). If your blog doesn't allow embedding, and you would still like to show your boat's position in your blog then you will need to add a boat tracking link instead (see above).

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