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Contents Help: Finding stuff on the map

Filtering map content

Filters are a powerful search feature, allowing you to restrict the boat and place markers shown on the map.

Change the filter settings to select what you would like shown on the map.

Show the filters panel by clicking on the Filters (off) button.

The All and None settings are self-explanatory; they show either all or none of the markers.

If you just want to see places you've identified as a favourite, then the select this setting for places.

If you choose the Type option for places, you can then select the type of place you are looking for: Fuel stations for example.

Similarly for boats, you can opt to only see those that you are following, or those in the same groups as your boat.

The filters button lets you know when filters are on by displaying Filters (on). If you can't see something you expected to on the map, try setting the filters to show all.

Quickly finding your boat

If you lose track of you boat on the map, just click on the SHIP button at the top of the map and it will be scrolled into view.

Finding boats and places by name

If you know the name of the place or the boat you are looking for, simply start typing its name in the search field in the toolbar (or under the burger menu on smaller screens) and select it from the options presented. The map will then automatially scroll to show it.

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