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Hi I made to manu account how can I delete it

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Re: delete an account

Hi Shiva.

Do you mean too many accounts? User accounts? Boat account? I can only see one boat called Manu.


Re: delete an account


Yes I mean, on the page creating an account, My husband and I wanted to use the same account. So by mistake I created on with my email, one with a wrong email and by wanting to open is account it created an othe account with the same email and password. Therefore, can I delete all the account ? Can we sign on 1 account with 2 PC ?

Re: delete an account

Let me have the email for the account you DONT want and I'll delete it for you.

Re: delete an account

Here are the account ; and . There is 2 account with the last one please delete the one with no picture . And if it's not to demanding can you delete these crew member they are follower  Bernice Lemieux  Marie Fatima Guerreiro  Dorothy Ouimette.

Many thanks for your help

Re: delete an account

I've removed the three crew members. Their accounts are still active and it looks like two of them are following your boat still. It's best only to add crew members for permanent people on the boat.

There's no point deleting the accounts used with the email addresses you mentioned as an accidental log in with them will just recreate the data. They're not associated with your boat in any way so will lay dormant. If you get emails to these accounts that you don't want, then use the link at the end of the email to change the preferences for those addresses and turn them off.

I hope that helps.

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