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Merging two accounts?

I registered Orontes II a couple of years ago and haver never looked at my profile until today. Apparently I have managed to disassociate myself from my boat by making two Steve Browns. One is listed as crew on Orontes II as a deck swab and the other is not associated with a boat but I'm an able bodied sailor man.  I tried to join Orontes II, and I sent a "join" request to my other Steve Brown, but it looks like I need to somehow answer my own request.

Can you use your magic wand and somehow put the two Steve Browns back together again? Thanks!

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Re: Merging two accounts?

You just need to log in using the original account - I need to think of a way to merge accounts as it's starting to take up a lot of our time managing users with multiple accounts.

I'll PM you your correct account details.

Re: Merging two accounts?

Well, I'm still puzzled. Orontes II shows up with Steve Brown as crew. However, when I look at my profile, I am not a crew member on Orontes II. I tried to join Orontes II and and I get a message that the request has been sent to Steve Brown. By the way, Laura also cannot join Orontes II. I give up. I'm just not Facebook or NFL savvy enough to join as crew. Help???.

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