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AIS tracking not working

Hi - the AIS tracking hasn’t worked for a couple of weeks but it is switched on in our boat details. Please advise!

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Re: AIS tracking not working

Hi Flora, when did you last transmit your position from your ship's AIS?

Re: AIS tracking not working

Hi Steve, we have our AIS on every time we move. The site shows us still in Dominican Republic, were now in Long Island, Bahamas.... Let me know if there’s anything we’re doing wrong. We love the tracking feature to show family and friends!

Re: AIS tracking not working

I checked on a few other ais sites and your position hadn't updated there either. This means either:

a) your ais was not transmitting

b) your ais signal wasn't picked up by a shore station

If your signal isn't relayed via a shore station then none of the AIS tracking sites, including noforeignland, can tell your position.

I understand your family and friends like to follow you. In circumstances like this you can either:

1) manually update your position by clicking on the Add Fix button on your boat page and dragging the map to your current location (free and easy solution)

2) set up satellite tracking for your boat, using a sat phone or iridium GO! (you'll need to pay the cost of running a sat device).

I hope this helps?

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