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How to remove a crew member from our boat ?

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Good question. You can't at the moment and I've been wondering how best to do it without people accidentally removing one another. Any thoughts?

Simplest thing would be to allow any crew member to remove others, but that would allow anyone else on your boat to remove you as crew. Do you think that would work?

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What about having a user as the "captain" (admin) of the boat, who are the only one able to remove crew members? To prevent accidents, have it ask if you are sure about removing a crew member.

Re: Crew member

Who should be captain, me or my wife or both?

What if you want to remove the captain, who becomes admin then?

Maybe allow anyone to remove themselves only with a confirmation message? That would prevent an invited crew member deleting the full time crew, but you'd need to persuade your part time crew to actually delete themselves when they leave. Would that be a problem?

Re: Crew member

I think having an admin could be a solution

many thanks

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