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Additional way to add waypoints to your track history

Hi Steve. I don't know if anyone has suggested this before but while the ability to edit your track history is great, it's a bit clunky. Have you thought about being able to click & drag points on a map like how you can when you use the "measure distance" feature in google maps?




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Re: Additional way to add waypoints to your track history

Hi Jim,

Yes it could be easier I know. I'm planning to take a look at this in the next few days as part of a route planning feature/idea I'd like to look closer at. The problem will be identifying the places AND the dates in a simple to use way, that will work on both PCs and phones/tablets. There are significant technical limitations with tablets/phones when it comes to drag and drop that we'll need to figure a way around.

I'd really like to be able to give an option to add curved lines between points, and to show dates/times along the routes too.

Have you seen any similar functionality elsewhere (better if a web site) that we could get inspiration from?

I'll announce any updates to this and the route planning idea in the next week or two.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Re: Additional way to add waypoints to your track history

Thanks Steve. The only one I recall is the one I mentioned - the "Measure Distance" feature in Google Maps. If you right click in the map, it's the last option in the list. The route planner in Predict Wind has a similar feature as well. I have not seen the curved line option anywhere and IMO it's not really necessary - one curve won't fit all in any case. Having the option to show/hide dates & times for waypoints would be cool.

I do think that if it were easier and more intuitive to add waypoints and update your track history, more people would maintain it - mine, for example, cuts across landmass at the south of Martinique! I look forward to seeing what can be done - good luck! :)

Best wishes,


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