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Publishing your videos on NOFOREIGNLAND

Our YouTube integration feature allows you to share and publicise your YouTube channel on NOFOREIGNLAND.

Every time you share a video on our site we will:

  1. Create a link to your video from your boat details page.
  2. Notify your boat followers that the video has been shared in their activity feed.
  3. Show other users your video in their activity feed when they use the 'discover activity' link, presenting your video to a new audience.

The only requirement is that, in order to assert that you have authority to publish the video, you must insert a link to your boat in the video's description on YouTube.

Getting set up

If you haven't already added your YouTube channel URL to your boat details you must do this first:

  1. click the Edit details  button on your boat details page
  2. Copy your YouTube channel's URL into the appropriate field
  3. Save your changes

On your boat details page, you should now see a "YouTube" tab in your boat's "Social media" section. Under this tab there will be a button labelled My YouTube dashboard.

The YouTube dashboard

The YouTube dashboard is where you control which videos you want to share on NOFOREIGNLAND.

It is organised into 3 sections:

  • Videos you've shared - listed using their YouTube thumbnail image
  • YouTube settings - including your channel URL and other technical information.
  • Share a Video - has simple controls to help you identify the videos you want to share.
  • Sharing a video

    Once you've completed the instructions in the 'Getting set up' section, sharing a video is simple:

    1. First, click on the Find videos to share from my channel   button.
    2. A list of videos from you channel will be shown.
    3. Click on the Share on NOFOREIGNLAND button next to the video you want to share.

    ...that's all there is to it.

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