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Contents Help: Using the map

What's on the map

Our map shows the positions of boats that have regiested with NOFOREIGNLAND, and places of interest.

Types of places

A place marker is used to indicate the location and details of a place of interest to cruising sailors.

A place marker should be used to describe a single place only. For example: when describing the Port Authority office at a Marina, there should be two place markers: one for the Marina, and one for the Port Authority; thus making it clear to anyone viewing the map exactly where the Port Authority office is.

The different types of places on the map are as follows:

Places to stop:
Things to see and do:
Facilities ashore:

Viewing boat and place details

Clicking on any map marker will open a popup window with some summary information about it. Every popup window has a 'details' link at the bottom which will take you view the full details page of that boat or place.

Viewing a boat's journey

When you click on a boat marker, the popup window will contain a 'show journey' link.

Click on this to show the boat's past journey on the map. Click again to hide the journey. You can edit your boat details to determine how far back in time this journey should be shown. A number of our users asked for this feature in order to be able to show only their journey from the start of their sailing season.

Switching to satellite view

The button at the top left corner of the map toggles between roadmap and satellite view.

The button at the top of the map toggles Navionics charts mode on and off.

We've added this layer to help you plan a trip, but please don't be daft and try to use our web site for navigation!

Measuring distances

The measure button allows you to accurately measure the distance of a route.

Click and add as many points to the route as you like. You can also drag to reposition the points, or double click to remove them. When done, click on the measure tool button again to hide the route.

Note that this feature is only available when working on a computer (i.e. a device without a touch screen).

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