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How do I earn points

Everyone loves a giver, and at NOFOREIGNLAND we'll give you points whenever you contribute something of interest to the community.

You earn points for all sorts of things:

Register your boat 100 points
Add a place to the map 100 points
Review a place 50 points
Upload an image for a place 50 points
Upload an image of your boat 50 points
People following your boat 50 points
Follow a boat 25 points
A user found your review for a place helpful 5 points
A user liked an image you uploaded 5 points
Someone visited a link you shared on social media 1 points
You've made a superhero level pledge on Patreon 10000 points
Someone registered a boat after seeing your invite 100 points

You will earn points when you use the share buttons to share a link to your boat or a place you want to tell people about on Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter). These points accumulate over time when the links are clicked on, and are calculated based upon the number of visitors directed to our site.

Basically, the more visitors your links introduce to NOFOREIGNLAND, the more points you earn.

Go spread the word!

Climbing the ranks

And the more you contribute, the higher your rank:

Points earned Rank
30,000 Admiral
20,000 Commodore
10,000 Captain
7,500 First Mate
5,000 Bosun
1,000 Able Seafarer
500 Deck Hand
250 Cadet
0 Recruit

Sign in to see how many points you have and a breakdown of how you earned them.

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