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What can be personalised?

There are hundreds of boats and thousands of places on our map. By indicating which data is most relevant, you can customise your experience on NOFOREIGNLAND.

Your notification feed will prioritise stories about, or generated by the crew of, the boats you are following the groups you add your boat to, and the places you add as favourites.

Furthermore, when viewing the map, it is possible to filter the boats and places shown to only those that you are interested in.

Following boats

Keep track of friends by following their boat. Go to their boat details page, and simply click on the Follow button, the heart will turn red when you are following their boat.

You can then filter the map to only show the boats you are following.

Favouriting places

On any place details page, you can tap the Favourite button to add the place to your list of favourites.

As with boats you follow, stories about places in the activity feed will bias those you have favourited, and you can filter the map to show your favorites too.

Joining groups

Groups allow people withj similar interests to get together. When you join a group you can filter the map to show the position of boats with other group members on board.

If you'd like a new group created then please post a suggestion in our Facebook group.

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