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Why Patreon?

As NOFOREIGNLAND has grown, the cost of running the servers has increased to the point where we now need to ask our community to help support it. We thought long and hard about the best approach to this and considered a number of options:

• Advertising: We could fill our pages with adverts and get paid each time you click on one of them. Whenever we asked any of our users what they thought of this idea, we got consistently a negative reaction.

• Paid membership: This isn't an approach we could ever see working. The data on our site has been contributed by our community and should be free to all. We therefore pledge never to charge anyone to access our data.

• Patreon: allows anyone to voluntarily set up a monthly payment to our site. In return we can offer extra 'patron only' features for those that choose to support us.

We want to actively encourage a sense of community and sharing among our users. We have therefore decided that the main features, which have made our site so popular, will remain free to everyone and that we will ask you to contribute whatever you can via Patreon.

As a thank you to our patrons, we will unlock some special 'patron only' features for you and you boat:

What special features can I unlock?

When you set up a Patreon pledge to NOFOREIGNLAND, you will be given access to the following features:

• Choose a custom boat URL

You can reserve a custom URL for your boat. So rather than having a long numerical URL, you will be able to tell your friends that they can find your boat details like this:

• Offshore boat tracking

If you are planning an offshore journey and would like to update your position while on passage, you will be able to use the following offshore tracking options: Iridium GO!, Iridium satellite phone messaging, Garmin inReach, SSB/Pactor modems, Email messages. See the Offshore Tracking section of the help pages for more information. These features, although initially offered for free, use significant server resources and will only be available to Patreon supporters in the coming months.

• Check how far you've sailed

Use the mileage calculator to tell you how far you've sailed in any given date range.

• Upload extra boat photos

Double the number of photos you can upload to your boat page.

• Bragging rights

We will let the world know that you're supporting us by adding the Patreon logo to your boat's banner image and listing you as an active Patreon on your details page.

Are more special features planned?

Most definitely. If we feel a new feature is of benefit to the wider community, then it will remain free. If we feel that a new feature benefits the individual more than the community, or if that feature has a significant monetary cost to us, then it will likely be made available only to patrons.

We already have a few ideas and suggestions from our users:

  • Named lists: don't just 'Follow' or 'Favourite' any more, but create and choose your own list names.
  • A private boat map for sharing with friends and family
    • Only shows your boat on the map
    • Choose whether to automatically show your journey track
    • Pin your blog articles and videos to your journey track
    • Can be configured to show only the places you choose
    • Privacy controls - you determine who can see your position
    • An option to remove your boat from the main map and go private only
  • Route planner
    • Plan next season's trip
    • Plot routes and list the places that you plan to stop at
    • Share routes with other users and arrange to meet up
We're always keen to hear your ideas. If there's a new feature you'd like to see then let us know via the help and discussion forum.

Activating the extra features

In order to us to recognise your pledge, you must associate (or link) your NOFOREIGNLAND account with your Patreon account.

When you set up a Patreon pledge to NOFOREIGNLAND, you will unlock the special features for your boat. If you make a larger contribution, then you will be presented with an option to unlock the special features for a boat of your choice - this effectively allows you to 'gift' the features to any boat; for example, you could unlock them for a friend or family member whose boat you are following.

By linking to your Patreon account, we can see whether you have made a pledge to support our site. Once we have checked your pledge our software will unlock your special features.

Linking is simple: just click on the Link button at the bottom of your Patreon account page and allow NOFOREIGNLAND access to see your pledge.

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