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Thanks for visiting our site and welcome to the NOFOREIGNLAND community.

Please feel free to use our site to keep track of fellow yachties, and to share information about places to visit.

Registering and signing in

There is no " registration process" for NOFOREIGNLAND. Just need to sign using an existing account. Once signed in, you will have full access to all information and you will be able to register and track the position of your boat on our map.

You can use your Facebook ID, Google account, or your email address and a password.

Please remember which ID you used to sign in and stick to it. If you sign in using a different account (for example you signed in once using Google, and then again using Facebook) then you might see different information between these accounts.

Adding your boat to the map

You will need to enter your boat details in order to pin your position on the map.

Registering your boat is quick and easy, and is even easier if you have your MMSI number to hand as we can autocomplete much of the registration form with this.

Tap the button at the side of the map, and follow the simple instructions.

Joining a boat that's already been added

If you want to join a boat that's already been added, perhaps by a fellow crew member, then tap the button at the side of the map and choose the Join option. You will need to complete a form indicating which boat you would like to join. A request will then be sent to the existing crew asking them to approve or reject you as a crew member. You should see chat messages sent between you and the crew indicating their response.

Editing your boat's details

You can update the details for your boat at any time. Simply click on the button on the side of the map to go to your boat details and click on the Edit button.

Adding and deleting pictures of your boat

From the boat details page (for your own boat), you can click on the "Add a picture" link to add up to four images of your boat. You can delete pictures of your own boat by clicking the trash can icon that appears on the image.

You can tap on the banner area of your boat page and upload a custom banner image for the page - you can change the banner image at any time.

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